Wellbeing Pain Clinic

Kab S. Hong, M.D.


“Chronic pain relief with Prolotherapy.”

What is Prolotherapy?
The word comes from Proles-a Latin word that means to stimulate growth. Prolotherapy is a corrective treatment for the causes of “chronic pain” due to damaged or stretched ligaments or tendons in the human body. It tries to correct the problem, not just cover it up. The treatment involves the intraligamentous or intratendinous injection of substances at the fibro-osseous junction, that induces temporary low-grade inflammation. This causes an influx of fibroblasts that synthetize collagen at the injection site, leading to the formation of new ligament and tendon tissue. As the injured ligaments and tendons become stronger and stability improves, the patient has less pain. When tissues are injured, inflammation is a common natural response. It stimulates substances carried in blood that produce growth factors in the injured area to promote healing. Ligaments, tendons, and cartilage have very poor blood supply, which can result in incomplete healing. The healing process can also be impeded when injuries are treated with anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen or Naprosyn to relieve pain and swelling. Unlike injections of corticosteroids, which suppress inflammation and provide only temporary relief for a chronic condition, prolotherapy injections given over the course of several months, are meant to provide permanent benefit. In fact, prolotherapy tricks the body into healing response. The end result of Prolotherapy is to cure pain by building new tissue and stabilizing the joints. Prolotherapy has been shown in animal and human experiments to strengthen ligaments and tendons at the fibro-osseous junction. Studies have shown this to be an effective therapy in relieving chronic pain.