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Kab S. Hong, M.D.


Greg S. (2014)
I was diagnosed with seven herniated discs in my back and neck nine years ago. After years of inactivity and trying just about every treatment available I was referred to Dr Hong. He is an excellent doctor. Dr. Hong is a throwback to an era when doctors really cared about their patients. He really listens and cares about your treatment and recovery. The treatments are well worth the initial discomfort. I had loose ligaments in my lower back and could not exercise without my back ‘clicking’ and locking up, at which point my muscles would clamp down and keep me from moving freely. I would be immobile for days. I had been struggling with this for several years as I recovered from my initial injury. After the first treatment I started to feel better. After the third treatment I started to feel stronger and had hope I could enjoy life again. A few weeks ago I went skiing for the first time in over a decade! I thought I would never be able to ski again. I am slowly returning to teaching martial arts. I have hope that I can carefully return to being an athlete after being sidelined for the last decade. None of this would be possible without the great care I received from Dr. Hong. I can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend him.

A Katz (2013)
I have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. After a very active life, I found myself unable to get from room to room in my home without a ridiculous amount of pain. I sought help at a renowned facility nearby and was told that PT was all they had to offer and then knee and hip replacement when I was older. In the meantime, I was becoming more and more sedentary. I just couldn’t take the pain. I began to search the internet for options and found prolotherapy. Then I narrowed practitioners with whom I might work. Dr. Hong was (by far) the most experienced. Cutting to the chase. I met with him and had the most (by far) complete exam I have ever experienced. While I had cat scans and x-rays with me, he wanted to verify where the real pain might lie. I have met caring doctors, but Dr. Hong is truly exceptional. He wanted to alleviate my pain. He wanted to get me back to life. He accomplished both! My treatment was a week ago and I was able to walk a full mile yesterday! I’m walking again! In addition to OA, I have Chondromalacia patellae and bursitis.No – I am not fully pain free – but it is absolutely tolerable. Dr. Hong has given me back my life.

Anthony S (2013)
Dr. Hong is an amazing doctor. He spends the time to listen to your problem and figure out exactly where the pain is coming from. I have seen Dr. Hong for problems with my knee and for migraine headaches. Prolotherapy has greatly reduced my knee pain and the amount of headaches I get. I would highly recommend Dr. Hong.

Joe (2012)
Dr. Hong treated my back with prolotherapy and the results have been nothing short of amazing. For 17 years I have dealt with chronic, painful and sometimes incapacitating back pain due to a herniated disc. I have used all forms of painkillers (NSAIDs, narcotics, Cox-3 inhibitors, etc.), muscle relaxants (flexeril, valium), steroids such as prednisone and even been prescribed anti-seizure medications to block nerve pain. I have had chiropractic care, acupuncture, medical massage, deep tissue massage, physical therapy and tailored exercise programs with again, only temporary relief. I have tried Rolfing, Graston Technique, Active Release Technique, the DRX-9000 decompression machine with just temporary relief. I have even had facet blocks done and at times, when I was incapacitated, cortisone shots. Overall, I have probably spent tens of thousands of dollars over the last two decades getting out of pain. During this time, I even had doctors question whether I was in pain or not because my symptoms were not in line with their medical knowledge. My pain would start in my hip and wrap around to the front going down the leg into the calf and foot, but it always skipped part of my thigh. I never lost any strength and could still workout when it was tolerable because exercise would often make it feel better. I had even consulted some of the best surgeons in the country regarding my problems, but they did not recommend surgery because I hadnt lost strength and my symptoms were abnormal. What I find so amazing about Dr. Hong and prolotherapy was that he knew immediately what was wrong. He explained how, due to an old disc injury years ago, my lower back and sacrum never really healed and the ligament was unstable. This instability was what had caused shifting in my sacrum, hips and lower back which lead to all types of back pain and referred pain and it really wasnt the disc all this time. After a discussion, I decided to get prolotherapy treatment from Dr. Hong. The procedure is a little painful, but tolerable and you are inflamed for several days which quickly goes away. But the benefits are amazing. After my first treatment, within a few weeks, my back stopped cracking every time I moved in my chair or got up from bed. The ligaments were beginning to tighten and along with that, my back pain was decreasing. After my first treatment and at 5 weeks, my pain was 60-70% reduced. After my second treatment and at 11 weeks, I was 95% pain free. I have just completed my third and hopefully final treatment and I am looking forward to the results in several more weeks. If you are wondering what it is and if its worth it, please know I had never heard of it until just a few months ago. My recommendation would be to just set up an appointment and let Dr. Hong explain how he can help. And if you do elect to receive prolotherapy, I would recommend having it done on a Friday so you can rest for two days before returning to work. Overall, I couldnt be happier I have spent more time doing the things I enjoy now without the constant, nagging back and sometimes incapacitating pain that has been a part of my life for so long. Thank you Dr. Hong!!!

Joseph F. (2011)
A GIFTED PHYSICIAN! I first saw Dr. Hong many years ago to relieve crippling sciatica after 2 visits to an anesthesiologist for epidural shots did little good. He used several therapies and suggested Prolotherapy. I had never heard of it so I researched it. The more I read, the more willing I was to try it. I anticipated 3 treatments but was cured in 2. I felt that Dr. Hong had worked a miracle. I have since seen him for neck, back, and knee issues. If he felt prolo was the answer, he used it. If he felt it was not indicated, he said so. He knows the anatomy of the human body better than any physician I have met. Prolo has rebuilt weakened structures and enabled me to enjoy my life. Dr. Hong is the kindest and most caring doctor I know. Frankly, to me and my family he is a hero.

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